Similar Counties in Georgia

This map displays the closest four counties to a selected county based on their demographics. To use the tool:
  • Click on a county to see its matches, or you can select a county from the dropdown menu below.
  • You can also view the table with all of the matches and click on a county there to highlight it on the map.
  • Click View Table to see the table, click Download to download the data as a CSV file, click View Collaboratives to view the Collaborative info for the selected counties, and click Indicators to see the variables used in matching.
For a more detailed look at how the matching is done, please click here.

Eight demographic indicators are used to match comparable counties. Counties are statistically matched on:

The four counties most similar to the county of interest are listed.

For example, the four similar counties to Baldwin County are McDuffie, Thomas, Laurens, and Seminole. Thomas comparable counties are Troup, Baldwin, Greene and Lamar. Picture a Venn Diagram - Baldwin and Thomas have similarities but are not completely overlapping circles. The statistical methodology balances differences across the eight indicators and provides a way to match demographically similar counties. For questions about the statistical methods, please contact